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We are an experienced lead company that specializes in Mortgage Protection Leads. With our technology, Consolidated Solutions is able to provide a level of quality and service that other mortgage lead companies are unable to provide. Mortgage Protection lead generation is a hot commodity in the life insurance industry because it provides a higher quality lead that converts faster and more cost-effectively. Agencies and Agents like our leads because they actually get a hold of the prospects and our leads actually convert.


To have a dependable source of Quality Prospects to work with month in and month out!

Top 5 Reasons

Top 5 Reasons for Life Agents to buy Mortgage Protection Leads from Consolidated Solutions

Good Pricing

If you are maximizing your return on your lead budget, Mortgage leads is one of the best ways to achieve your goal. Our leads start at only a 25-lead minimum for $7 per lead. Lower pricing is available with larger orders.

Quality Lead Generation

We get fresh mortgage leads to our customers every day. Unlike some other lead companies that recycle the same leads over and over, we provide leads that are between 30 to 60 days old. The best mortgage leads have a strong likelihood of being closed, so fresh leads are very important to get good lead conversion ratios.

Great Customer Service and Support

We provide support to our customers to effectively sell our leads. Whether you need help with the opening script, or which products to provide to your prospects, our team is here to make sure you are successful.

Exclusive Leads

To assure the best mortgage leads with the best chance of closing, the leads must be exclusive. Unlike other lead companies that re-sell the same lead multiple times, our leads are exclusively sold to you and will never be sold to anyone else.

Good Return Policy

We stand behind our mortgage leads and guarantee you will be talking to interested prospects. We have a flexible and easy return policy for replacing leads.

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